What should you hire a wedding coordinator?

One of the first weddings I did the groom said he wanted to just show up to his wedding and enjoy it, a wedding coordinator lets you do just that.

Your special day shouldn’t be one filled with stress over the little details, you should be able to celebrate with your friends and family. Your friends and family should also be able to just sit back and enjoy the day as well. If you don’t have a wedding coordinator even if you are enjoying your day it is likely that many of your loved ones are picking up the slack and miss the important moments. At my own wedding my sister-in-law didn’t even get to see our ceremony because she was tasked with taking care of our dog.

Keeping you on track and ensuring that everything runs smoothly the day of is also a big part of what a wedding coordinator’s duties. If you want your ceremony to run smoothly and be kept to your timeline that is something your coordinator can help with.

Wedding coordinators can also help you take care of the little details you may not think about because they have done this before and know the many things that can come up. Things from ensuring you have enough ice, to ironing wedding robes to look good in photos to checking you into your hotel.

Here at siobhanweddings we don’t only offer day of service but can help you with wedding preparations, set up & take down so you don’t need to stress before, during or even after your big day.

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